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Pro Baja Online security warning

posted May 3, 2012, 7:57 AM by Fredrico Zweisee   [ updated May 3, 2012, 8:03 AM ]
We received late yesterday evening several e-mails from La Paz visitors which ended up with the Pro Baja Online URL by referal. They are not aware that the ProBaja Online has no dealings with this race in 2012 - they been organizer the past years.
Pro Baja is NOT involved with the Dos Mares 500 race in 2012! This warning is general to protect your computer.
If you look for mor info, the organizer the La Paz (Automobile) Club, they do have a somewhat updated Facebook page in Spanish and an empty MySpace pages as well. We been informed (and have all that e-mails) that contacting them - if you do not write / speak spanish is a waste of time. They are not very interested in foreigners participate in that event...
Getting back to the Pro-Baja-Online security warning, some people go to their online presence had problems with their computers afterwards if their protection was not up-to-date, others had the same experience as we did when testing.
It will not show anything if you use Linux or Apple equipment, however, it is a windows virus try to hi-jack your computer if you are using a Microsoft/Windows operating system.
Most likely this Probaja people do not know about this and it is some hacking to their website, pretty sure a SQL injection as very common them days. Unfortunately they do not have a very professional website maintenance together with low budget hosting - hey, why pay 20 bucks a day to get a well working website??
Anyway - stay of that website, we will check regular and announce when they have this security threat fixed....