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Dos Mares 500 Malecon La Paz

posted May 5, 2012, 4:58 PM by Fredrico Zweisee   [ updated May 5, 2012, 5:07 PM ]
Just a quick post here - today was 100x better when we went to the malecon. yesterday during the time we spend it was lame. We wnt early and comparing to some of the past years at around that time was already some commotion going on. Not so yesterday. However, Sr. Jose Agundez with El Padrino racing gear confirmed  that from about 20:30hr until 1:00hr there was some peeps coming to the malecon checking out the pre-race action. Good to hear! This is a race that could easy rival the Baja 500 in terms of the racing, lay-out and challenge if sufficient promoted and get teams from north of the border to participate.
Despite the fact that the NORRA 1000 was this week here in La Paz and finished in San Jose del Cabo - also compared to the last 2 years - very little entries from that crowd. In fact only one aware of is Ben Phillips / Marty Morehead with their 2011 Trophy Lite R4. We had a brief conversation before the start and the guys real enjoyed the time here. The more funny part: they been not aware of the mandatory minor medical check-up required at Baja Sur races performed by the Red Cross. It's basically a blood pressure test, cost you a 140,- peso. Don't bitch about it - it's for a good reason, the ambulances around the course cost also money and that pesos paid help a little.
About our opening picture - of course there are all the photographers "dancing" around looking for a good shot. There are also some models posing to promoting product with a photographers trailing. In that case it was this senora - she easy could jump in for one of her models ;-). We had a brief conversation - unfortunately their was the language barrier....
We have about 130 photos waiting for you from today at our Google+ page here...  Enjoy!