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Dos Mares 500 2012 map mapa ruta

posted Apr 13, 2012, 5:54 AM by Fredrico Zweisee   [ updated Apr 13, 2012, 6:52 AM ]
Start Dos Mares 500
Dos Mares 500 the 19th. time around 2012 race course. This is a modified version of the map released by the club/organizer for the folks that have problems with the spanish. Roughly it looks like the same as the "old" course we are knowing. We will investigate - if them is so we will also publish a Dos Mares racemap with Google maps with the GPS files we have so you can zoom in and check the details.  (Check the map page in 1-2 days). For spectators to visit the race action we marked the area best to go and see the race vehicles go past.
Just keep in mind that if you are at centro La Paz at the "ceremonial" it is about 1 hour drive around the bay of La Paz to San Juan de la Costa. As you can see at the images it is also very scenic. Most the stretch the road is in good conditions. At the end maybe wash board.... :(.
You should be there before the race starts otherwise you may have problems to enter another +/- 3 kilometer of that dirt-road until where the race-course kinda turns away from the parallel line to the coast. About 1 km you will see the area peppered with sun-shades and cars.
Take lot's of fluid with you - from town. Out there is not much to go shopping.... ;-)
On top of the little mountains you have a great view at the incoming racers.
Please dont go back until you know the last car has passed - nothing more scarie for a racer as incoming traffic... even in the lower classes. Them guys deserve the same attention and respect as the "big guns".

Race Map 2012 Dos Mares 500

Sceninc drive to start area

Great place to watch