All about this Dos Mares 500 page. Why, who, where... do you REALLY want to know??? roflmao
Coming soon...  -  Próximamente  ....maybe

A few things, real short:

  • We are La Paz residents (since 2004 / since 2002 Baja Sur)
  • The head honcho has a extensive racing back ground
  • There is 100% no affiliation or connection from this website or the folks behind it with the Mike Overcast low-life scumbag and Baja basher. He and all his friends (he has 3 o4 4 like minded low-lifes he hangs with here at Baja when he sneaks in) are our natural enemies! (find info on that crook in english here  in espanol here)
  • We are also in no way connected with the organizer of the race - we offered our services years back - for free. We did not even get a reasonable reply from that female person we talked to.
  • We are not the complaining department for gringos that want to get info or do not receive replies on their mails (read above - we have ourselfs a collection on mails received over the years, interesting to see how much teams did not come here because of that poor administration)
  • We will help any person/team to arrange / set-up what ever is required to come to La Paz and race here. (For free within reasons)
  • We have good connections with some of the reputable and known racers and some shops here in town