Welcome to the independent home of the most historic race in southern Baja California Off-Road Racing,  taking place at 3. May – 5. May 2013 in the greater areas of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. As usual during the last years, do we gather verified information by locl racers and try to pass this on in somewhat readable english for the local estranjero or visitors. Follow or Twitter microblog or join our Dos Mares 500n circles at Google+ for the latest about this desert off-road race.
2011 Dos Mares 500 Contingency

Best airfare to La Paz without a doubt Alaska Airlines

Dos Mares 500 fake start at Malecon 2011 - the real start to the Dos Mares 500 desert off-road race is a few hours later about 45 minutes drive outside of La Paz, Baja Sur, Mexico

Dos Mares 500 pretty mexican girl at the off-road race event

For Sale in La Paz - Se Vende
Very motivated seller!!
Dos Mares 500 - For Sale - Se Vende
Class 12 - SCORE Lite - Click here!
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