Welcome to the independent home of the most historic race in southern Baja California Off-Road Racing, the Dos Mares 500!
2014 this desert off-road race and surrounding events will take place at 2. May – 4. May in the city of La Paz with (ceremonial) start and the finish while the race course at the southern Baja usual goes up the peninsula on the Sea of Cortez side, crosses over to the Pacific for the stretch going back. This all in Baja California Sur, Mexico.
As usual during the last years (since 2005), do we gather verified information by local racers and try to pass this on in somewhat readable english for the local estranjero or visitors.
Follow our Twitter stream or join our Dos Mares 500n circles at Google+ for the latest about this desert off-road race.
We are NOT associated in any way or getting any feedback or information from the organizers despite the fact that we reached out multiple times to them during the last - at least - 6 years! We offered our services for FREE.
However, they do not believe it would be important to promote this race past the shadow they throw - to bad, it's a real good race starting at the afternoon ending in the middle of night for the fastest trucks and for sure would be enjoyable for some foreign teams to participate in.
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Dos Mares 500 ceremonial start area at Malecon in La Paz Baja California Sur
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Dos Mares 500 beer - it changes here and now. Some years it's Tecate, others Pacifico

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Dos Mares 500 2014